EduNations Students are Back in School! 

abcef535-3d6c-4c8b-b3d9-f03b29270d9eOn September 6, all 15 EduNations schools opened for the 2021-2022 school year. The first day of school is always a day full of joy for both staff and students. The morning is a sight to behold as parents in the various communities accompany their children to school to wish them well and watch the opening ceremony. Students can be found catching up with old friends and making new ones and teachers always look forward to meeting their new students.

The first day of school is also when students and teachers receive all of their teaching and learning materials for the year, which are provided to them for free so that they are adequately prepared for their studies. In addition, students from Nursery to Senior Secondary School received free uniforms for the upcoming school year.  

This year, a total of 1,344 boys are registered in our 15 regular schools while 429 boys are registered in our seven Feeder* schools. Similarly, a total of 1,135 girls are registered in our regular schools and 427 girls are registered in our Feeder schools, bringing our total student population to 3,236 students — our largest student population ever! Upon talking to her classmates, one of our Senior Secondary School students said, “If it were not for EduNations, I never would have made it this far in my education.” She explained to a new teacher that “At the beginning of every school year, EduNations would provide for us all our 2767e37f-0bf5-400f-b708-14ac40b9aba3school materials and uniform needs for the whole school year. We thank our sponsors and donors for providing our educational needs which has enabled us have quality education. We love you EduNations, our only source of education and development. Thank you all.”

On behalf of all of our students, teachers, staff, and board members, we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to partner with us as we ignite hope in Sierra Leone.


*A Feeder school is a non-EduNations community school that provides education to students for two or three years before they move to the mainstream EduNations schools.

Sustainable Development: Poultry Project

PHOTO-2021-10-20-12-32-36Since I studied Agricultural Science in college it made sense when I was named EduNations’ Field Officer in charge our sustainable development projects such as the Pa Santigie Garden in Rokassa, the Community Bakeries in Fintonia, Rokassa, and Gbenekoro, and the Makump Poultry Project. After 13 years of teaching in the EduNations classroom, my new role has brought many joys and challenges but I am delighted to write about our joy when on Saturday, September 11th we discovered one of the hens from our poultry project laid the project’s first egg!

Hailing from Mabum myself, I have sung God’s praises many times that EduNations schools have brought hope for sustainable change to my village and five others. And while education is the most essential key to all development, EduNations realized that many children in these communities have been suffering from severe malnutrition which in turn made it harder for them to learn and grow properly. Thanks to a generous donor, EduNations built a poultry house between Mabum and Makump and in March 2021 imported 1000 chicks for egg production to improve nutritional diversity and quality.

PHOTO-2021-10-20-12-32-35But the sustainable development benefits don’t stop with nutrition. The poultry farm also creates job opportunities for the people of Makump and Mabum and serves as a site for practical study of livestock for our students. Entrepreneurial traders from these communities can buy eggs from EduNations and sell them at the regional market in Magburaka to support their children’s education. Furthermore, the eggs produced in this poultry project will be supplied to the Rokassa Senior Secondary School boarding home students.

Six months into our poultry operations, we have noticed that the poultry farm has already encouraged expansion of the two villages and we have seen an increase in population, especially retailers from other communities who now want to stay in these two communities for business.

With expert advice on proper management of the poultry, and God’s blessing, over half of the chicks are now laying eggs daily. Now my attention as Field Officer has been turned to fulfilling the other objectives of the poultry farm. But before these objectives became possible, we wanted you to share in the celebration of the FIRST egg!

Christmas Concert InstagramRegister for EduNations Benefit Concert!

EduNations’ benefit concert featuring Sandra McCracken will be held on December 3rd at 7:00 PM in the Memorial Park Evangelical Presbyterian Church Sanctuary. Get your free tickets for early access at 6:00 PM! Doors will open for general admission at 6:45 PM.

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Two Headteachers Trained by Transformation Education

As part of EduNations’ commitment to ongoing staff development, two of EduNations’ Nursery School Headteachers recently completed training in the PHOTO-2021-10-20-12-31-11latest learning and management methods to improve the quality of education and encourage the holistic development of children.

The training company, Transformation Education, is a Sierra Leone firm which has worked with EduNations over the last decade to help mentor teachers in teaching techniques, character development, classroom management, and matching learning styles with teaching methods.

After the training, nursery school Headteachers, Ms. Betty Amadu (Rokassa) and Ms. Fatmata Tenneh Kamara (Fintonia), reported that the instruction had given them new insights into teaching according to Biblical principles, and better motivational skills as they return to train their own teachers.

By continuing to train and share what they’ve learned, EduNations teachers live out the belief that education is the key to changing lives for the better.

Child Protection Policy: Engaging

With over half its population under the age of 18, child protection and children’s rights are a major concern in Sierra Leone. Every day, children and young people face social and economic challenges and are vulnerable to neglect, abuse and exploitation in the form of illegal child labor and trafficking.

The key principles of our Child Protection Policy are summarized in the “Five P’s of Prevention, Paramountcy, Partnership, Protection and Parental responsibility”. The Five P’s are regularly taught and practiced by EduNations in our 15 schools in 6 districts of Sierra Leone using a systemic approach to prevent exploitation and violence by addressing root causes.

Every school year EduNations Psychosocial Coordinator emphasizes the importance of the Child Protection policy, particularly with new students. Especially highlighted are clear statements that:
– labor and physical punishment are not allowed in any of our schools,
– teachers may not intimidate, insult, tease or threaten or discriminate against any child, &
– teachers are not allowed to do anything that may constitute sexual harassment.

Teaching and enforcing clear policies is just another way EduNations works to make sure our schools are the best and safest environment for our students to live, learn and develop.