Staff members in both Sierra Leone and the United States play a huge role in our mission.

Sesay, Samuel
Samuel Sesay

Samuel Sesay is a Missionary Evangelist in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Sierra Leone and is also currently serving as the President of EduNations Inc. Having worked previously in full time Christian Ministry, in a business organization and recently with other Not for profit organizations, Samuel holds a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in French, English and Linguistics, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Master’s degree in Peace and Development Studies. Samuel’s training in both secular and ecclesiastical matters in Sierra Leone and abroad has given him a feel for a passion in life in which he wants to see God’s creation come to an understanding of his love and to help them respond in faith. His commitment to helping ‘the least of these’ experience the love of God is what drives him on and on daily as he sees life after life and community after community come to experience this love. Samuel is married to Catherine and the Lord has blessed their marriage with two lovely daughters, Samuella and Samrine.


Sierra Leone Employees

Isaac Boima
Isaac Boima

Administrative Finance Officer
Motivated by compassion for the poor, Isaac is devoted to poverty alleviation through education. Isaac holds BSc in Banking and Finance from Njala University. Prior to his promotion as the Admin and Finance Officer, Isaac served as the Agricultural Project Officer for EduNations Inc. Isaac burns with desire for the Word of God and has a passion for soul winning. Isaac has served as a missionary in different parts of Sierra Leone. He is highly motivated, diligent and pragmatic with quantitative aptitude, decision making skills and experience in teaching and rural evangelism.


Fatu Anni Koroma

Psychosocial Coordinator
Fatu Anni Koroma is a Christian young woman working as the Psychosocial Coordinator. Fatu’s role involves working directly with all the students in EduNations’ schools and providing direct Psychosocial care and counseling. Prior to working with EduNations Inc., Fatu worked as a Community Organizer and a Livelihood Officer for an international aid organization working with girls who have never been to school or have dropped out of school within the age limit of 8 to 12 yrs. At her previous work with the consortium called Faith Alliance, Fatu was involved in doing radio programs to educate the general public about the abuses that children in Sierra Leone sometimes face. Although Fatu’s educational training was in Banking and Finance, Fatu’s love for children and passion to advocate for their wellbeing has led her to a new career. At EduNations, Fatu continues to demonstrate a great passion for kids who are faced with different challenges as well as those who are vulnerable and less privileged. Fatu enjoys hanging out with these kids at home and at school and spending time in teaching them the love of Christ and how they could find everlasting love and never-ending hope with our Lord Jesus Christ.


Hassan Koroma
Hassan Maxwell Koroma

Education Officer
Hassan was born in Sierra Leone and received his primary education in a university town. He received his secondary schooling and first teacher’s training in Makeni, the provisional headquarter town of the north. In 1984 he was called into ordained ministry as a teacher evangelist and in 1992 after theological training he was ordained as a minister of the Gospel. Hassan holds a series of certificates including a Bachelor’s Degree of Theology with a speciality in Christian Education and a Master’s Degree in Education from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. He has served in various capacities in the educational sector as a Teacher Evangelist, Headteacher, Principal, Lecturer, Education Adviser and an Academy Dean and Administrator at the Reformed Theological College in Sierra Leone. In 2014, he became more interested in remote villages, children’s education and rural evangelism. With this dream, he joined the EduNations Inc. staff in 2016. Hassan works as the training and Education Officer, helping teachers with their school administration, lesson plans and notes and teaching techniques in delivering quality lessons in the EduNations schools. This job has enabled him to achieve his dream of helping children in remote communities through education and evangelism. He is married to Regina and they are blessed with their children Hassanatu, Charles, Gifty and an adopted son, Alie.


United States Employees

Waugaman, Deb
Deb Waugaman

Accounting Administrator
Deb Waugaman found the perfect match for her administrative gifts and passion for helping others in her service with EduNations. As the Assistant to the Lead Pastor of Memorial Park Church and EduNations Director, Dean Weaver, Deb began coordinating our annual fundraising events in 2007. In June 2009, she experienced first-hand the impact of EduNations in the villages of Sierra Leone when she visited our schools and personally met the children. As our student body in Sierra Leone grew with our expansion to more villages and the building of more schools, Deb accepted our offer to serve as our Bookkeeper and Administrator to support the increasing organizational needs of EduNations for the purpose of impacting the lives of the children in Sierra Leone.


Weaver, Beth
Beth Weaver

Child Sponsorship Coordinator
Beth Weaver serves as our Child Sponsorship Coordinator. She is married to Dean Weaver, founding Board member and former President of the Board. They have six children including two children they adopted from Sierra Leone in 2002. That was the beginning of Beth’s passion for serving the children of Sierra Leone and specifically working to help provide them with a quality education. Having been part of the formation of EduNations and serving in a volunteer capacity for the organization’s first years, she stepped into the official position of creating and coordinating our Child Sponsorship program. She has loved serving in this role, especially helping sponsors connect to their students in the EduNations’ schools and building a relationship through the years of their education.


Williamson, Sarah
Sarah Pietryga

Development Coordinator
Motivated by alleviating extreme poverty through education and holistic transformation, Sarah is passionate about finding ways to sustainably ignite hope and a future for the children in Sierra Leone. She is the newest EduNations staff member in the United States, and a recent graduate of Grove City College with a degree in Marketing Management and a focus in International Studies. Sarah visited Sierra Leone for the first time in 2017, where she experienced the hope that EduNations is bringing to many families through education. She lives and works in the Pittsburgh area, and is actively involved in Student Ministries at Memorial Park Church.