EduNations strives to aid in the holistic development of the villages in Sierra Leone, so that the well-being of the people can be benefited intellectually, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.
We are currently developing and supporting projects in our various EduNations communities that are creating methods of economic growth within the rural villages where we have schools. Our hope is that eventually financial sustainability will be created so the community members can provide for their own families and support the operating of the schools in their village.

Pa Santigie Community Garden

Pa SantigiePa Santigie Community Garden is an agricultural community development project in the village of Rokassa, Port Loko District. The 100+ acres on the edge of the village are being leased from the village chief to harvest Pineapples and the nuts from Palm Trees in order to make Palm Oil.  Palm Oil is in high demand in Sierra Leone as it is the basis of almost all Sierra Leonean cooking and Pineapples are a robust year-round crop that provide an ongoing source of income. The proceeds from the Pa Santigie Community Garden go to support the operations of the Orfonthy Community Health Center, the first clinic of its kind in the area surrounding the village of Rokassa.

Orfonthy Community Health Center: A Healthy Child is a Learning Child

OrfonthyIn each of the communities where EduNations has been called to establish schools, we work to ensure that health care is available to each of our students and their families. In some villages, that means working with an established government clinic to supplement what they need, such as a building a birthing suite for the government health clinic in Gbenekoro. In other villages, where health care is not far away, we have provided means of transportation to enable our students and their families to get to the local clinics. However, in the village of Rokassa, where there was no health care facility for an hour’s drive on a motorcycle, EduNations built the Orfonthy Community Health Center, which opened in October of 2017. The clinic is operated by our Sierra Leone Alliance Partners, Jericho Road Community Health, and serves the village of Rokassa as well as many surrounding villages in this part of the Massimra Chiefdom.

Poultry Project

PoultryIn the village of Makump, the people have asked for a sustainability project involving the raising of chickens. The Makump Poultry Project will provide not only chickens that can be raised and sold to make a profit, but also chickens who will produce eggs that can be sold at market. Utilizing the experiences and the skills of the people of Makump, this project is a great example of community development.  An idea that was formulated from the community is operated by the community and is benefited for the community.


microfinanceThe EduNations microfinance project is a microenterprise project that lends small amounts of money to community leaders to establish sustainable businesses. Through an elaborate system of community based accountability, the recipients of these microfinance loans not only build their own businesses but help to invest in other businesses in their community as well. The goal of the EduNations microfinance project is to help create sustainable economic wealth among the people in the villages where EduNations has schools. Currently all EduNations schools are free and there are no school fees charged to the children that attend. As these microfinance projects take hold and have effect in their communities, it is our hope that in time parents will have the financial means to contribute some modest fees to the operations of the EduNations schools with the end goal being financial sustainability of the EduNations schools in Sierra Leone from the people of Sierra Leone.

Over the past few years, EduNations Microfinance has made financial contributions to EduNations schools. This year, EduNations Microfinance was able to donate $12,000 to provide solar lights for the dormitories at the Senior Secondary Boarding School in Rokassa! Thanks to their generosity, our high school students will now be able to study in the comfort of their own dorm after the sun goes down.


BakeryThe bakeries in Fintonia and Gbenekoro will be producing bread to sell for profit in the villages.  The goal of these bakery projects is to create sustainable financial support of the EduNations schools, while creating jobs for the residents in the community. The hope is that the community members who have jobs there will be able to support themselves financially, while creating economic growth within the village by selling bread to other residents. Depending on the success of the bakery in each village, we would eventually like the bakeries to support a school feeding program at the EduNations schools in the respective village so that the students there can get a slice of bread regularly during the school day.