The Village of Rokassa, in the Massimera Chiefdom of the Port Loko District, is EduNation’s most developed community.  This remote and rural community of the Temne People has had no access to education since before the Blood-Diamond War, until now.

As of 2020, EduNations operates four schools in the village of Rokassa – a nursery school for grades Pre-K through 3, a primary school for grades 4 through 6, a junior secondary school for grades 7 through 9, and now a newly constructed senior secondary school for grades 10-12. Our new senior secondary school will function as a boarding school, where students from all six EduNations villages who have completed their junior secondary education will live and continue their high school education.  Where there was no opportunity for education, there is now a free school that includes well-paid and trained teachers, school supplies, uniforms and furniture.

In addition to education, we have also a clean water well, latrines, solar lights, a church, a pavilion, a medical clinic, a community garden, and a guest house.