The very poor village of Mayatta is about five miles further north of the village of Mapainda (where EduNations has Primary and Junior Secondary Schools).  EduNations “inherited” this neglected Primary School from the village leadership and has been working hard to upgrade and improve the quality of education of “the least of these.”

With school repairs, added classrooms, new furniture, solar power, latrines and a clean water well, the children of Mayatta are now experiencing the hope that a free, high quality education can provide.  Well paid, trained teachers, with new school supplies, sports programs and visits from ministry teams multiple times each year, are making a real difference among the Loko people of this chiefdom. When the children graduate from the Primary School, they have the opportunity to walk to the neighboring village of Mapainda to attend their Junior Secondary School and continue their education. In these faces, we see hope.