EduNations builds and operates 15 schools in the rural, northern province districts of Bombali, Port Loko, Tonkolili and Koinadugu in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

EduNations is devoted to building schools to make education free and accessible to children who otherwise would not receive one. In Sierra Leone, many families go without food, or children are forced into prostitution or become petty thieves, to pay school fees. The school buildings also serve as a foundation for development projects within many of our communities.


The Tombaka Chiefdom, in the very northern territory of the Bombali District, may be among the most remote and difficult to reach areas of Sierra Leone.  This village is located in a community widely recognized by the government of Sierra Leone to be among the least developed in the country.
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The Village of Rokassa, in the Massimera Chiefdom of the Port Loko District, is EduNation’s most developed community.  This remote and rural community of the Temne People has had no access to education since before the Blood-Diamond War, until now.
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The very poor village of Mayatta is about five miles further north of the village of Mapainda (where EduNations has Primary and Junior Secondary Schools).  EduNations “inherited” this neglected Primary School from the village leadership and has been working hard to upgrade and improve the quality of education of “the least of these.”
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The small village of Makump-Kapath, in the Kholifa Rowalla Chiefdom of the Tonkolili District, is another part of the EduNations family. When we were first introduced to them, these desperately poor, rural groups of villages had built their own “mud block” school.

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EduNations has been partnering with the good people of Mapainda and surrounding villages since our founding in 2004.  With over 400 students between the Primary (Pre-K through Class 6) and Junior Secondary Schools (Classes 7-9) of this remote, rural community in the Bombali District, EduNations Hope Academy has become a standard bearer of education for the region.
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Located in the extremely remote portion of the north eastern Koinadugu District, ten miles east of the city of Kabala in the heart of the Wara Wara mountains, the village of Gbenekoro is home to the largely unreached Kuranko Tribe.
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Senior Secondary Boarding School

Over the years, EduNations has provided free and quality education for students in grades pre-k through 9th. Our dream has always been to provide a senior secondary school where our students could receive a quality high school education and complete their basic education curriculum. In 2021, this dream officially became a reality!

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