EduNations is devoted to building schools to make education free and accessible to children who otherwise would not receive one. In Sierra Leone, many families go without food, or children are forced into prostitution or become petty thieves, to pay school fees.

EduNations builds and operates 15 schools in the rural, Northeastern districts of Sierra Leone, West Africa.  For the past 16 years, we have provided free education from nursery age all the way through grade 9, with the hope to expand education through the end of high school.  This year, with the completion of our brand new Senior Secondary Boarding School, we will start educating students all the way through the end of high school! Each of our schools offers the opportunity for both individual and community development by providing not only a free education, but also working with our partners to provide clean water, sanitary facilities, solar power, churches, and sustainable community development projects.  We are on a mission to empower people and communities by igniting hope through education.

Where We Serve

Sierra Leone Map
We operate schools in 6 remote villages in Sierra Leone, bringing in students from surrounding villages to be educated as well. Our schools are located in the villages of Rokassa, Gbenekoro, Fintonia, Mayatta, Mapainda, and Makump. These schools and villages are located throughout 4 districts in the Northeastern provinces of Sierra Leone.


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Our Schools

EduNations builds and operates 15 schools in the rural, northern province districts of Bombali, Port Loko, Tonkolili and Koinadugu in Sierra Leone, West Africa.
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Our Partners

EduNations Partners with a variety of organizations.  Learn More


EduNations strives to aid in the holistic development of the villages in Sierra Leone, so that the well-being of the people can be benefited intellectually, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Learn More

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