EduNations assists some existing schools by providing funds for essential supplies for their continuing operation, easing the burden on poverty-stricken families. We realized early on we could not achieve our goals on our own, nor was it necessary to duplicate the work of other organizations. So, we have developed partnerships with trusted, reputable in-country allies such World Hope International, Jericho Road Health Clinics, Let Them LoL, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Sierra Leone and others, working alongside them the with resources needed to bring development to these remote villages.

In developed countries, it is hard to imagine the unbelievable poverty that exists in this part of the world. Core needs such as clean drinking water, adequate food, safety and basic healthcare are luxuries. EduNations is always seeking opportunities to partner with reputable organizations that can help bring wholistic development to these remote West African villages.

How you can help


Prayer is an important part of the work we do.
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For Churches

EduNations invites churches to partner with us to ignite hope for the forgotten children of Africa.
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Sponsor a Child

Every child deserves a chance, and you can help!
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Help us complete our projects this year!
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