My Bicycle, My Comfort

Thanks to the generosity of the children and students at Memorial Park Church in sL Trip 2019Pittsburgh, EduNations will be able to purchase over 190 bicycles for students who were walking between 5 and 13 miles each way to school every day. EduNations partnered with another non-profit organization, Village Bicycle Project, to get access to quality bicycles for the best price.
To understand the difference a bicycle can make in the life of a student, here is the testimony of Fatmata, one of our female students who has recently received a bicycle.
My name is Fatmata Kabba. I am 14 years old, black in complexion, 4 feet tall, and a student at the EduNations Hope Academy in Mapainda in junior secondary school level 3. I was born to an poor, illiterate family in the remote village of Malilhun into a life of a subsistence farming as my family’s means of survival. Before EduNations, I was headed for a life of abject poverty and illiteracy. Thanks to EduNations’ free education, my life has hope and joy.
When I first entered my junior year, coming to school was very difficult for me because I had to walk eight miles every school day from my village, Malilhun, to the school in Mapainda, and back. Walking 16 miles every day left me exhausted after returning from school. However, this academic year, I was given a brand new bicycle by EduNations which gave me the opportunity to arrive at school with more energy and mental focus and return home not exhausted still excited about what I’ve learned.
I’m so thankful to EduNations and the young people of Memorial Park for how my bicycle has improved my life again.
On behalf of students like Fatmata, thank you for helping us to ensure a quality education for students in Sierra Leone!

$31,000 Raised at Anniversary Event!

We’ve had a very exciting summer season here at EduNations! Samuel Sesay, 65303928_10216786995641969_1731705645238845440_nEduNations’ President, concluded his 6-week annual visit to the United States at the beginning of July, which was filled with a lot of fruitful meetings, connections, and events.
On June 27, over 140 EduNations supporters joined us for our anniversary celebration event, ’15 Schools in 15 Years’.  We were greatly blessed by the heartwarming stories given by many, including a Sierra Leone adoptee, EduNations’ founding members, and EduNations’ president. We could not think of a better way to celebrate our 15-year anniversary as an organization than by spending it with those who have made our work possible. Thanks to the generosity of all in attendance, over $31,000 was raised that evening! This money will go directly to the students in Sierra Leone, providing them with continued free and quality education. On behalf of our students, teachers, staff and board members, TENKI!

A Trip to Remember

In July, two mission teams from the US visited EduNations’ work in Sierra Leone. The 66328953_2866637786695994_661191583651069952_nfirst team from North Park Church in Pittsburgh, PA, conducted a teacher training conference in the village of Mapainda. Here’s what team member, Adam Bright, had to say about their trip.

In July, our team of educators from North Park Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US, came to Mapainda to lead the annual training conference for Edunations teachers and administrators.  However, in God’s plan, we learned much more than we taught.

At the conference, our team led sessions on phonics, teaching for understanding, behavioral management in the classroom and creative thinking.  We also brought a laptop computer for each school and provided training on those.

6fd3d927-cd6c-4cf2-948a-ac3473dddf40Our team learned that EduNations has teachers and administrators who are very successful and professional at what they do.  We learned that Sierra Leone has much to teach the world about getting along with others, showing gratitude and having a good time. We learned that Sierra Leone has interesting and amazing wildlife, including hissing chameleons and bats flying around hotel rooms.  We learned that Sierra Leone has delicious, spicy cuisine. Our team felt incredibly blessed by all our newfound brothers and sisters in Christ.

Before the conference, we had a chance to visit Rokassa and see the many projects in 66782035_2866637846695988_3384399603221659648_ndevelopment there.  Our team toured the clinic. We toured the farms and walked across a log and trudged through a swamp to see the palm trees.  We also got to see the progress that had been made on the new secondary school. The most invigorating part of our team’s time in Rokassa was attending the local church service.  We enjoyed the energetic singing and listening to Pastor Thomas’ sermon.  

Our team thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Sierra Leone.  We look forward to further engagements with EduNations. Praise God for a safe and successful trip.

Thank you, Adam and the rest of the North Park Church team for all of your hard work to benefit the teachers and students in Sierra Leone!

EduNations Golf Outing Raises $32,000!

Monday, June 24th was a bright, sunny day as 92 men and women arrived at Avalon Golf and Country Club to participate in the 2019 EduNations Charitable Golf Tournament and Dinner. Avalon’s 18-hole course was great venue for a round of golf to raise funds in order to raise the roof of EduNations’ first high school, the Rokassa Boarding Home Secondary School (RBHSS).6.24.2019 Covenant Golf Outing_0283

Since the tournament was played in a friendly “best ball” format in which each team chose the most advantageous of all shots made as the position to take their next shot, everyone was able to make a contribution to the team’s score as well as EduNations. After a delicious Chick-fil-A lunch and an enjoyable afternoon of golf, almost 300 people gathered in Avalon’s ballroom for dinner, a silent auction, and prizes to celebrate the best golf teams.

IMG-20190617-WA0017The evening was capped by a presentation by EduNations’ President, Samuel Sesay, on the progress of the RBHSS construction. Samuel told attendees how EduNations broke ground on construction of the two-story school building in January. For the next four months, construction workers labored hard to construct the first floor in order to pour the concrete floor of the second story before the rainy season began in May. On the day of the concrete pour, everyone pitched in to complete the work, including not only the construction workers, but also Rokassa community members, EduNations teachers and staff, and even EduNations student volunteers. In June, the second story walls were finished to prepare for roofing.

IMG_5589Thanks to the generosity of the good people who attended the golf tournament and dinner, over $32,000 was given to raise the roof of the senior secondary school! Once this school is in operation, students who’ve graduated from any of the EduNations junior secondary schools will be able to move to Rokassa, live in the boarding facilities, and embark on their senior secondary education.

We are very thankful to all of you who have given to make this dream of a well-equipped, safe senior secondary school a reality. EduNations’ students will now be able to complete their basic education before continuing on to higher education or entering the workforce.

On behalf of all of the EduNations students and staff, THANK YOU!

Help Us Provide Free School Supplies to ALL of our Students!

EduNations’ mission over the past 15 years has been to give forgotten children tangible IMG_0872reasons to hope by providing education and sustainable development. Thanks to the generosity of all our supporters, EduNations has grown quickly and is now building its 15th school which will be our first high school! Currently, EduNations is educating 2,700 children in 6 different remote communities in Sierra Leone. Before EduNations arrived, the students in these villages did not have any access to education because they could not afford to pay school fees. EduNations has promised to provide free education and to work with the communities towards sustainability.

As part of our free education program, EduNations provides students with uniforms and school supplies at the beginning of each school year. At the start of the 2019-2020 school year in September, we will be providing school supplies to over 2,700 students. Our goal is to raise $19,000 over the next month to provide our students with pencils, pens, chalkboards, books, paper, and more! Would you help us reach our goal? It costs less than $10 to provide school supplies for 1 student, so every little bit helps!


We are grateful for all of you who continue to support this next generation of students in Sierra Leone.

A Poem of Hope

Here at EduNations, we are committed to the whole child, whole community, and holisticSallu development. While educating the children of Sierra Leone remains our primary focus, we also make sure that all 104 EduNations teachers and staff members feel valued and well cared for.

Sallu James Mansaray, a primary school teacher in the village of Mayatta, recently wrote a poem to express his thanks to EduNations and all of the donors and sponsors who support our mission. We thought we’d share his words with all of you who tangibly make a difference in so many lives.

My heart was in my boot when I watched back to my root

Mummy was finding a place for her child

My ears have heard my history

And my eyes have seen the victory

Igniting hope through education

I am a witness to this great revelation


Now grace found us because you sacrificed to break the handcuff

You gave us a place to pray

Over the moon we sail

Building skills for life through the schools for every kid alive

Like the healer Jesus you build us a hospital to kill the virus

It’s true we were deprived but you have influenced us to the sky


Our Love for you would grow beyond the age of Methusulah

And all the good you own, now there is proof

Among us there is a future President, ambassadors and ministers

Professional doctors and barristers.

This love is raining cats and dogs

Courageous builders like Nehemiah

In this century your work we admire

Our youths are content with the salaries

Like Christians appreciated Christ on Calvary


I am owing to one mission and it is EduNations

So I pray to God our Creator To bountifully bless our sponsors again and again