How do I change my payment method when I get a new credit card?

If you make your donation via credit card, you will need to set up a new payment method when your card number changes. To do this, go to the “Sponsor a Child” page on our website, choose the “Monthly Donation” option and type in your student’s ID number. Hit subscribe and proceed to PayPal. At this step, you many choose whether you would like to use a PayPal account or a credit card. The benefit of using a PayPal account is that you can log in and change your financial source information when it changes. Using a credit card does not allow you to make changes to your current payment method.

How do I set up recurring online donations?

You can set up auto-recurring donations via the “Sponsor a Child” page on our website. For more information, contact Beth Weaver at

How long will my sponsorship last?

We hope that you will sponsor your student until they are finished Secondary School. Long-term sponsorship helps ensure that your student will receive quality education, necessary school supplies, fresh drinking water, medical care, and other aspects related to your student’s overall healthy well-being.

What happens if my student leaves an EduNations school?

To make a greater impact, EduNations operates schools in specific villages so we can ensure a quality education for our students. Sometimes a child’s family moves out of the area we are serving or stops attending school for a variety of reasons. You will be notified if your child moves or otherwise stops attending school. If this happens, we will provide an opportunity for you to sponsor another child in need.

How are my sponsorship contributions used?

Your generous donations provide all that is related to your student receiving a quality education.  Your contributions underwrite the costs of your student’s tuition, school supplies, uniforms, textbooks, and teacher’s salaries. More than just providing for the educational needs of your student, your donation also provides fresh drinking water, sanitary latrines, and medical care. With your support, your student will have all that they need to succeed in the classroom.

May I send a package?

No. Unfortunately, high shipping fees and government restrictions prevent us from forwarding packages. You may consider including flat items in your letters or cards. Age appropriate bookmarks, scripture cards and stickers are very popular among sponsored children.

How can I communicate with my student?

You can personally connect with your student via letters. To learn how you can write a letter to your student, visit our “Current Sponsors” website page.

If you have questions, contact Beth Weaver at