EduNations Conducts Inter-School Debate, Quiz, and Spelling Bee

“Education is acquiring knowledge to solve the problems of the society.” This is a common statement made by our Education Secretary, Rev. Hassan Koroma. But what more do children need to learn outside of the classroom to help them solve the problems of our society like lack of leadership and proper policies? To address this, our EduNations schools in Sierra Leone are helping the pupils to acquire other skills like analyzing issues through debate. The EduNations Inter-school Competition is designed to give students the opportunity to compete in a debate, spelling bee, and quiz competition. In this year’s inter-school competition which was witnessed by our EduNations president Samuel Saidu Seasay (Ph.D.) and Development Coordinator Sarah Pietryga, secondary school pupils debated national and international issues including the usage of contraceptives for pupils and teenage pregnancy. Finding answers to thesefundamental social problems was an overwhelming task, yet it intrigued the students as well as those who witnessed the event. The winners of these competitions were celebrated with gifts and certificates including bicycles, backpacks, and Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionaries. These students did not just acquire an award to show their intellectual superiority but were trained in basic leadership and academic excellence. These sessions were meant to help these children to grow in leadership in the various communities while growing their relationship with God. We love seeing how our students continue to grow in both academics and as leaders within their communities!

EduNations Joins the Rest of the Students for the NPSE 2021

This year, the National Primary School Examination (NPSE), which students must pass in order to move onto Junior Secondary school, took place on May 28, 2021.  Students from EduNations’ five primary schools traveled with teachers to their closest testing center. Some students were able to travel to their testing center and back in one day, as it was not far from their village. Others in the villages of Fintonia and Rokassa had to travel to their exam center the day before their exam and spend the night. 

The testing periods opened with prayers and speeches by the Deputy Directors of Education, West Africa Examination Council, and even some EduNations staff members. Students then began their exams at 8:00 AM, tested all through the day and concluded at 4:00 PM. EduNations ensured that all students were prepared for the exams, not only by teaching them government curriculum all year long, but also by providing them with free transportation and testing materials such as pencils, mathematical sets, and more. Aside from taking these important tests, students and teachers value these exam periods as it’s a time to spend time together, make new friends, and eat delicious food. Upon completing their exams, students returned to their villages, where they were warmly greeted by their parents. We are confident that our students did well on these exams and look forward to hearing their results in the coming months.

EduNations in Partnership with Commit and Act

In addition to providing free education, EduNations works toward the overall wellbeing and safety of our students. Each village has a Child Protection Unit that is overseen by EduNations’ Psychosocial Coordinator. This unit is responsible to work with our children, their parents, and community members to help combat child protection issues like physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and other various forms of child abuse. Over the years, EduNations has been faced with issues of sexual abuse, early childhood marriage and physical abuse of the school-going children in our communities. Some of our communities are also challenged with a high rate of sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy. Recently we discovered an organization called Commit and Act that is operating safe homes within Sierra Leone to help children who have gone through any kind of abuse. These children are able to stay in the safe home facility as they recover from their abuse and receive services such as counselling, therapy, and medical treatments. In the last few months, EduNations has placed four of our students in these safe homes to heal as we work with the courts to demand justice for these students. We are grateful for our cooperation with Commit and Act, and we are confident that our students have a safe place to stay as they heal from the traumatic situations they have been through.

Save the Date for our Annual Golf Outing!

On September 20, 2021, EduNations will be hosting our third annual Charitable Golf Outing at Avalon Golf and Country Club.

Visit our golf page for more information about the outing and registration.