The Village of Makump


The small village of Makump, in the Kholifa Rowalla Chiefdom of the Tonkolili District, is relatively new to the family of EduNations schools.  We were introduced to this warm and gracious community through their “neighbors” across the river in the village of Maikonko, were EduNations has been established since 2004.

These desperately poor, rural groups of villages had built their own “mud-block” school and were educating their children with volunteers, when they were invited to send their children to join the Maikonko School two years ago.  But, the five mile walk, through the jungle and across a seasonally dangerous bridge, has led to repairing their dilapidated school and hiring teachers to ensure that at least the smallest ones (Pre-K through grade 2) can stay near home for school.

With a brand new clean water well, and the repaired school, the children are safe!  Moving forward, we hope, in the very near future, to build a solid concrete block (permanent) school for all the children of this community up to grade 6.