The Village of Maikonko


The village of Maikonko, in the rural Tonkolili District, about 45 minutes south east of the nation’s third largest city of Makeni, is one of the first communities to partner with EduNations to provide development through education.


With over 300 combined students between our Primary and Junior Secondary Schools, EduNations has helped to bring agricultural projects, clean water wells and community development to this neglects area.  Unique to this Junior Secondary School is a handicap ramp (very rare in Sierra Leone) built just for one of our “star students” a young girl named Masa. Generous EduNations supporters bought this bright young girl a sturdy wheel chair so that her friends could push her the 2 miles (one way) to school each day, over the very rugged Sierra Leonean roads.


Our hope is to build a Senior Secondary School in Maikonko for Masa and her friends, as well as a Health Clinic, in the near future.