The Village of Fintonia


The Tombaka Chiefdom, in the very northern territory of the Bombali District, may be among the most remote and difficult to reach areas of Sierra Leone.  This newest addition to the EduNations’ family of schools, is located in a community widely recognized by the government of Sierra Leone to be among the least developed in the country.  Cut off by the Kaba river to the south, and the jungles of Guinea to the north, the children of the Susu and Fulani tribes have been starving for education.

EduNations is working very closely with the government, chiefdom and village leadership to repair, and rejuvenate the forgotten and neglected schools of this community.  We are currently operating the Nursery School, partnering to run the Primary School and will soon assume the operations of the local Junior Secondary School.


New Water Wells are soon to be dug, teachers are hired and paid well…children are excited and learning. Hope has been ignited at the “ends of the earth” among the people of Fintonia!