Educate the Nations


EduNations’ Mission: To Ignite Hope


Founded in 2004, EduNations is a nonprofit organization devoted to building schools and a future for the forgotten children across the continent of Africa, beginning in Sierra Leone. Motivated by compassion for “the least of these,” EduNations seeks to connect resources from affluent societies with the needs of the poorest in the world to provide education, opportunity and hope.




Helping the Poorest of the Poor


The tragedies of Sierra Leone, a once strong and noble country, once known as the "Athens of Africa" are too numerous to mention here. For many years, this nation has been ranked among the poorest in the world and the worst place on the planet to live. Sierra Leone was utterly ravaged by the eleven year " blood diamond" civil war. The social chaos that followed has left its people devastated and the nation in shambles, faced with unbelievable poverty, hunger, AIDS, a growing sex trade, child trafficking and an ever-present fear of a rejuvenated civil war. Our hope is to help Sierra Leone restore its strength and nobility, by providing its children with the educational tools they need to have any chance at a peaceful, productive, and prosperous life.


Stopping the Cycle of Poverty through Education


The founders of EduNations each have a personal connection to the children of Sierra Leone and a shared passion for its people. Starve children of an education, and they’ll learn the hardest lessons. We want to stop the devastating cycle of poverty by helping to educate the country’s children. With your help, we will have the resources to make a difference. Lives are at stake. It takes so little to do a lot. Children everywhere deserve an education. By helping to educate them today, we create a brighter future for the nations of tomorrow.


Building Schools


EduNations is devoted to building schools to make education free and accessible to children who otherwise would not receive one. In Sierra Leone, many families go without food, or children are forced into prostitution or become petty thieves, to pay school fees. For just $35,000, a school can be built to serve 250 pupils in these remote areas. To sustain a school for a year it takes just $15,000 to cover teachers’ salaries, school supplies, uniforms, curriculum, and athletic activities. The building also serves as a community center where adults can receive health services and vocational training with the goal of making the school self sustaining.

Supporting Schools


EduNations also assists some existing schools by providing funds for essential supplies for their continuing operation, easing the burden on poverty-stricken families.




EduNations realized early on we could not achieve our goals on our own, nor was it necessary to duplicate the work of other organizations. So, we have developed partnerships with trusted, reputable in-country allies such World Hope International, Jericho Road Health Clinics, Let Them LoL, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Sierra Leone and others, working along side them the with resources needed to bring development to these remote villages.

Other Core Needs


In developed countries it is hard to imagine the unbelievable poverty that exists in this part of the world. Core needs such as clean drinking water, adequate food, safety and basic healthcare are luxuries. EduNations is also seeking partnerships with reputable organizations that can help bring wholistic development to these remote West African villages.